Loire Valley castles and chateaux

Photo of Chateau de Amboise

Explore the Loire Valley Castles

The Loire Valley in France is home to some of the finest castles and chateaux in the World and all conveniently spaced along the Loire valley making it easy to spend a few days or more visiting a selection of them.

To help you plan your visit select a guide from the list of chateaux shown below.

Chateau d'Amboise

The Chateau d'Amboise is one of the most picturesque of the Loire Valley chateaux and has pretty gardens too.

Chateau d'Amboise guide

Chateau d'Angers

The Chateau d'Angers has a striking appearance, sumptuous interiors and the fabulous Apocalypse tapestry.

Chateau d'Angers guide

Chateau d'Azay-le-Rideau

The Chateau d'Azay le Rideau sits surrounded by water on two sides giving it a very romantic appearance.

Chateau d'Azay-le-Rideau guide

Chateau d'Ussé

The Chateau d'Ussé is a very pretty chateau said to be the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale.

Chateau d'Ussé guide

Chateau de Blois

The Chateau de Blois is in the centre of the pretty town of Blois and has a light show every night in the summer.

Chateau de Blois guide

Chateau de Chambord

The Chateau de Chambord is the largest and most impressive of the Loire chateaux. A walk on the roof amongst the extravagant chimneys is a highlight.

Chateau de Chambord guide

Chateau de Chaumont

The Chateau de Chaumont hosts the International Garden Festival each year.

Chateau de Chaumont guide

Chateau de Chenonceau

The Chateau de Chenonceau is one of the most beautiful of the Loire valley chateaux and also has fine gardens.

Chateau de Chenonceau guide

Chateau de Cheverny

The Chateau de Cheverny is one of the best preserved of the Loire valley chateaux and has great interiors and pretty gardens.

Chateau de Cheverny guide

Chateau de Chinon

The Chateau de Chinon retains more of its medieval characteristics than many of the other Loire chateaux which were redesigned in the Renaissance period.

Chateau de Chinon guide

Chateau de Langeais

The Chateau de Langeais has some fine 15 and 16th century tapisteries and furniture.

Chateau de Langeais guide

Chateau de Saumur

The Chateau de Saumur is one of the least striking of the Loire chateaux but sits above the pretty town of Saumur.

Chateau de Saumur guide

Chateau de Sully-sur-Loire

The Chateau de Sully-sur-Loire rises majestically from its surrounding moat and is one of the more beautiful of the Loire chateaux.

Chateau de Sully-sur-Loire guide

Chateau de Valencay

The Chateau de Valencay has truly magnificent gardens including its famous beautiful vegetable garden.

Chateau de Valencay guide

Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte

The Chateau Vaux le Vicomte is a little out of the Loire valley but is one of the most impressive chateaux in France.

Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte guide

Chateau de Villandry

The Chateau de Villandry is home to some fabulous gardens including a huge ornamental vegetable garden.

Chateau de Villandry guide

Chateau du Lude

The Chateau du Lude is a lovely chateau with a beautiful garden sitting on the edge of the river Loir.

Chateau du Lude guide