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Although best known for the Chateau d'Amboise, the town of Amboise is also worth exploring at the same time.

Among the buildings of great value, in addition to Amboise castle, be sure to visit the churches of St-Florentin (XV century) and St-Denis (XII century).

The Clock Tower and 16th century Hôtel de Ville (town hall) are also notable buildings.

Nearby there is the ‘Pagoda de Chanteloup’, built between 1775 and 1778 by the Duke of Choiseul (1719-1785) - the construction is about 40 metres high, divided over seven floors, and from here you can enjoy an excellent view of the area.

The area is also rich in its culture and traditions of local foods, such as the fine wine called Touraine-Amboise, to sip with some seafood dishes (shrimps, cods and scallops).

History of Amboise, Loire Valley France

The territory where the contemporary Amboise was born dates back to prehistoric times, a fact which is explained by the area's climate, which is especially suitable for human settlements. In historical times, Amboise was both a Gallo-Roman city and a castle, as demonstrated by the discovery of ancient artefacts and coins.

The Romans called the place Ambacia, and the ancient medieval documents quote the same name, with small changes: Ambaize and Ambaiza. The name of Amboise derives from ‘Am-bach’ (or ‘bag’), where ‘bach-bag’ means a ‘landing-stage’ or ‘bridge of boats’ i.e. a ‘place of passage over the river.’

In Roman time Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) , according to tradition, was wintering his troops at Amboise, and here the Romans left other evidences (some remains of temples and buildings).

In the Early Middle Ages, it seems, Amboise belonged to the ‘Anicien’, before passing to the Merovingian Kings and then to the King of France. From the fifteenth century Amboise and its castle knew prosperous moments since they were the subjects of the kings. Charles VII (1403-1461), despite being more tied to the Chinon and Loches castles, did not omit Amboise, and he had some work done here, but they were more vigorously carried out by Louis XI (1423-1483) and Charles VIII (1470-1498).

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