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The Chateau d'Angers is situated in the centre of the town of Angers in the Loire Valley.

The Romans were the first to exploit the natural defensive capabilities of the place by building the first defensive walls at the settlement they called ‘Andegaves’. Many hundreds of years later, in the 9th century, the counts of Anjou construct fortifications, and other works (ditches) were built during the reign of Philip I (1052-1108) and Philip Augustus (1165-1223), later completed under the reign of St. Louis between 1230 and 1240.

The castle is a very large structure, built entirely of rock with 650 meters of walls with 17 towers each 18 meters in diameter and about 40 meters in height. The fort was entered through two gates, dominated by impregnable towers and equipped with loop-holes that could easily repel possible attackers.

In the 14th century, Angers castle was the home of the Earls of Anjou, who built elegant and luxurious apartments, with a private chapel (1412).

This decoration and ornamentation of the castle continued under King René (1409-1480), the son of Louis II of Anjou (1377-1417), who built the ‘Châtelet’ and the magnificent garden filled with exotic plants and animals.

Under the reign of Louis XIV (17th century), the castle became a prison and then during the French Revolution, it played an important military role. During World War II it was severely damaged (1944) by the bombing. The restoration began in 1945 by B. Vitry.

The castle is most famous for the ‘Tenture de l'Apocalypse’ (the Apocalypse tapestry), a tapestry over 100 meters long assembled by Louis I, Duke of Anjou to illustrate the first book of the Apocalypse. With great realism, the tapestry tells the story of the Apocalypse from creation to the day of Judgement, giving the major events like the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the struggle of St. Michael and the dragon with seven head, and the fall of the city of Babylon.

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